NCDV Abusers Always Work from Home

As the pandemic swept across the world, the UK went into full lockdown in March 2020. The government urged everyone to ‘stay home to save lives.’ It was the biggest removal of civil liberties in living memory with people only permitted to leave their home for vital work, for food, and to take one hour’s exercise each day, outside. Whilst the lockdown and working from home halted the spread of Coronavirus (therefore saving lives) for people living with an abusive partner, being locked in with their violator put their lives at even greater risk than the Coronavirus itself. April news declared that reports of domestic abuse were surging during lockdown. The stress, economic uncertainty and confinement created a pressure cooker. The UK police were receiving a domestic-abuse-related call, on average, once every minute during lockdown and a Crimestoppers report concluded that reports of domestic abuse were up 49% during lockdown. We subverted the mainstream message (staying home saves lives) to reveal the chilling truth: Abusers always work from home. Highlighting the fact that, for some, the potential killer was already in their home. We aimed to reach victims with D/OOH as they ‘escaped’ the house for the permitted daily exercise, or to go to the supermarket. We also knew screen usage increased 30% in lockdown, so we reached victims as they ‘escaped’ into social media too. Our 30” film took the ‘aesthetic of the moment’ - user-generated content - and flipped it on its head: revealing the darker side to a domestic situation. Ending with the message that Abusers always work from home. The strength of the idea meant a top tier director house volunteered to shoot our 30” social film script (no budget). Media providers also donated hundreds of D/OOH sites based on the strength of the idea.

Case Study
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Aldridge
Creatives: Jo Wallace, Daisy Bard and Orla O’Connor
Account Dept: Sally Emerton
Agency Producer : Liberty Willison
Director & Editor : Geej Ower
Production Company Producer: Katie Lambert @ Stink
Post Production Producers: Sian Jenkins, Katie Sharpe @ Framestore
VFX Supervisor: Paul O’ Brian @ Framestore
Colourist: Simon Bourne @ Framestore
Sound: Martin Leitner , Beth Tomblin @ WAVE
Voiceover: Vicky McClure
Poster and title design: Guy Sexty, Yoshi Okubo
Creative Producer: Verity de Courcy Norman
Casting: Hannah Lane Casting

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