Nescafé Azera By Design Competition run by Nescafé Azera and TWELVE Agency 2018

I’m honored to be one of the winners for Nescafé Azera By Design competition. I designed the Colourful Path tin, which uses a colourful, dynamic and fun pattern inspired by street art and the unique styles of coffee drinkers in a city. The shapes and colours showcase the personalities of those who are independent and expressive! Coffee to me brings joy and is a way of connecting people, who get together to enjoy it. I wanted the design to reflect the same positive energy for today’s youth. Having my design “ Colorful Path ” featured at the By Design Gallery is a great opportunity for me as a growing designer and which I find incredibly rewarding. It’s been great working with Twelve and Nescafé Azera and looking back at the path that lead me here it just feels very fulfilling.