New Age of Social Media...Can it be Empowering?

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Hi my name is Kristina you may know me as CherrishLulu. I am from Ukraine namely from the beautiful city of Kharkov. I am 22 years old and I am studying at University to be a marketer — CherrishLulu Hey Kristina, thank you for speaking with us today and sharing your story with us. O.M: How did you come by working on social media platforms such as, but not limited to OnlyFans, Chaturbate, TikTok etc? C.L: A couple of years ago a friend of mine suggested I try Chaturbate and OnlyFans and I thought I could do the trick for a short period of time. We thought it was a joke or a game, I never thought it would become my main livelihood in life. On your Instagram account you state that you model. How did you get into modeling? Was this something that you always wanted to do and do you still model commercially? Like I said, I came to web modelling thanks to my friend which started as a joke. I never thought about a serious business in this field, but I definitely underestimated the potential of this business. Now I continue to work for Chaturbate and OnlyFans and I get a lot of money. Social platforms such as the ones named above often have negative reactions from the general public. How have you found this with your close friends, family and those closest to you? Do they know of the work that you do? This kind of activity and work always causes a lot of negative reactions and discussions, but I think that people are unhappy within themselves when they throw dirt at someone or go out their way to disrespect them. So, to hell with all those people who are trying to impose their personal opinion or try to somehow shame you, in the end this is your life and you have the right to decide how to live it. You can be in this herd society and live your life by the rules or you can be you, and go take a risk but get all that you have only ever dreamt of before. In my experience, there were times when my friends turned their backs on me and judged me, and it's true it's a terrible feeling and you have nowhere to hide from it, but in a moment I realised that the friends who were with me all this time are not friends. If so, how did they turn their backs on me so easily after 7 years of friendship so to hell with these friends. When it comes to my family, only my mother knows of the work I do online. She did not and does not approve of this profession. I generally think that my parent’s generation takes this new way of working hard and I used to fight with her, but when she saw how much I develop and how much I can afford in my 20 years she stopped nagging me and we just do not talk about it. To continuously create content, and manage your social platforms, this must be relentless and extremely time consuming. How do you manage this? Do you have help or pay someone to support you with this? When I started working with OnlyFans, content creation was an eternal problem for me as I had to create lots of varied and different content which was new to me, but with experience I have learned to plan my shoots in advance. Let's say on Sunday I have a day off, I will schedule myself in for a full day of content creation. This includes planning and choosing locations along with choosing clothes; and finally shooting the content for the week. OnlyFans has a handy feature called ‘Timed Posts’ so after I shoot, I upload to the OnlyFans platform and distribute each post by date and they automatically post for the whole week while I drink coffee and not waste my personal time creating content every day. What would you say are the positives and negatives of working on social platforms such as OnlyFans, and others named above? Do you more often or not get positive or negative feedback / comments? I cannot generalise and say for certain what the good and bad sides are to working on such platforms because everyone has their own concept of what is bad for them and what is good. But one thing I can say is that this work can be as good and promising as you can imagine, and it can also be terrible and disgusting. It all depends on what mood you have in your head. In my direction, I hear only positive and positive comments and reviews, maybe there are bad comments in my direction, but I simply ignore and do not let them get into my head. When I first made this kind of content, I felt free and this feeling filled me and still fills me. Creating somewhat explicit content must take a lot of confidence; what measures do you take to make sure you publish content that you are happy with. How did you feel creating content of this nature for the first time? First of all, I think that in order to be confident and liberated, this world needs to love yourself with all your shortcomings, it can be a crease on your stomach or a mole on your butt, it doesn’t matter the main thing is that it’s you yourself and you should accept yourself as you are and only when you will peace with body and soul you will gain and achieve everything you wish. What is the craziest story you could tell us from your time working on OnlyFans and other social platforms? Maybe a crazy request, or something someone brought you as an example? The most delusional and perhaps the worst thing that I have ever been asked to do is drink a lot of water in quick sips and in large quantities, and when the stomach is completely full of water, cause a gag reflex. This is perhaps the strangest and most unpleasant thing on request. I really would not advise anyone to hurt themselves for any money or at least somehow mock yourself, it's just not worth it. I don’t know who can indulge in such a spectacle, but these are definitely not healthy people, of course I don’t want to offend anyone, but this is too much.

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