New BBC Travel Website

We have worked on this new version for over a year, making sure that whatever we do, we always focus on the high quality of the data and the user experience.

The difference between the old version and this new one is significant. We made the service simpler, more intuitive and easy to navigate.

Location at the heart

Travel is inseparable from defining a location, so we made sure that location is in the centre of the Travel proposition. The new location setting allows you to reuse previous searches (tracking locations you recently searched for) as well as sharing locations between other BBC products such as BBC Weather and Homepage)

We have also moved away from fixed regions, which means that the results are no longer tied to the regional areas. This allows us to make the service more local.

But what about maps?

The zoom levels we use for the map are adjusted to cover a large enough area to show the big picture but small enough to keep the focus on the location that is of interest. Travel users can now freely interact with the map (pan or zoom) and follow the incidents along their whole journey. For example for a journey from Glasgow to Penzance you can start in the north and pan the map to the south without having to search again, as you would have to in the old version, as the start and end location fall in different news regions.

Designed responsively

The new BBC Travel has also been designed to automatically fit screen sizes in a fully responsive way, optimising the site’s layout for any device you access it from, whether that’s a desktop, mobile or tablet.