New Children's Mental Health Clinic Launch

A Children’s Mental Health service was relocating to a new clinic. This was set to be the flagship clinic for Children’s Mental Health Services across the Trust. I played a lead role in the planning for the event as well as the organisation and set up on the launch, in 8 weeks.
I led a project management team that regularly consulted with children and young people who access Mental Health Services, as well as the therapists providing treatment. This helped me to develop activities that would take place during the launch itself, but fit their likes and interests (Circus activities, bubbles, face painting, Hula hoop lessons). I worked closely with the service manager to follow a budget, access monies and claim back expenses.
I worked with the Communications team to organise press releases, social media campaigns, website and updates, as well as being the primary contact for the Celebrity Opener. I worked with in house graphic designer to develop invitations with input from young people. Together with Therapists, I gathered contacts to develop an invite list of relevant contacts from the field, as well as those who were accessing the service.
I sourced all materials for decorations and worked with staff to delegate the look and feel of the event, through music, client’s quotes, activities, food and space organisation.
The event itself was a success amongst the service, as reported by staff, young people and their families. It also resulted building g positive relationships with other services in the field, and in the local area, which serve the children and families population. It also saw a greater turn out in the number of young people who accessed and contributed to the user forum.


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