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We're exploring the changing behaviours across emerging industries, as well as the progressive brands and businesses that are embracing these shifts — starting off with CANNABIS.

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL.

A sign of the times, it lays out the drivers that have given rise to these new behaviours across emerging industries as well as the brands and businesses that are embracing this change.

We live in a state of constant unrest — stuck in an endless cycle of fake news and toxic politicians. Society has never seemed more divided about the fundamentals for a sustainable future, yet we remain cautiously optimistic. As a result, we’re seeing a more mindful consumer emerge. Driven by mood, they’re making more conscious decisions, looking for emotionally intelligent alternatives to their fast-paced lifestyles.

Our first report in the series — 01 / CANNABIS — is created in partnership with Prohibition Partners and looks at the rise and rise of the Cannabis and CBD industries.

Download the report for free here.

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