• Andy Lawrence-Levy

The challenge ICAP – a global financial markets operator was in the process of selling its voice broking business to its main competitor. ICAP required a new name and visual identity, as the brand and name would transfer with the sale. We were asked to interrogate the positioning of the new business and develop a brand name and an identity for the new, ‘fintech’ company. The brief was for a name and identity that reflected a number of key attributes including the culture of the new company – fast, agile, innovative and the way it is organised – lean, efficient, growing. The solution In developing the identity, we agreed that the name was so strong and characterful, that the identity should make the most of it. The logo is very different from many others in the sector and benefits from a unique form, which is contemporary without being ‘fashionable’. It is at the centre of an identity that supports the brand attributes. The identity works in print, digital and motion, and has allowed the separate NEX businesses to adopt one monolithic look under one brand. When part of ICAP, these businesses all had separate identities. Now, they are all part of the NEX Group in structure and in visual appearance. _ Creative Direction: Mark Norton Strategic Direction: Stephen Izatt Production: Mike Warry Lead Designer/Art Direction: Andy Lawrence Agency: Thinkfarm