Next Change-Maker Event: Conscious Consumption, Nov 16, 2021

We are a creative community and global not-for-profit organisation who believe that creative thinking can make positive change. We empower, train and reward creative thinkers to use their talents for positive social and environmental impact. Join other Creative Change Makers, for Conscious Consumption! See below... How can we all make a difference? As the holiday season is fast approaching, it's time for us all to make a collective effort in minimising our environmental impact. Chrissy Levett, Creative Conscience founder. After running a successful Conscious Consumption event at the Design Museum in London in 2018, Creative Conscience decided it's time to revisit this topic and inspire change - how we can shop, consume + behave in order to build a healthier world, with healthier minds and attitudes. Chris Lovett is a minimalist, speaker, career mentor, professional executive coach, simplicity coach, disruptive thought leader, and author of the bestselling self sufficiency, green living and business motivation book Discovery of Less. One of the UK's only motivational speakers on minimalism and the Less is progress lifestyle. His minimalist storytelling and the timing of it resonates deeply (apparently!) across personal and professional lives as he shares the crazy story behind selling off, donating, recycling and discarding everything he ever owned and walking away from the security of a 'successful' career. The words of his experiences and teachings have touched thousands of lives in over 50 countries. Darla Kumenius Orpinell is freelance multidisciplinary graphic designer based in London. Born in Switzerland in 1996, at the age of seven moved to the Spanish countryside.She has a Masters in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins. Living in the countryside most of of her life, has given her the awareness of the impact our consumer choices have in the natural environment and our health. Darla is a past Creative Conscience Award winner for a creative project on the theme of 'Consicous Consumption'. Buy less, buy good and join us at the event to find out HOW. Tickets: Subscribe to our page and for more updates on our amazing speakers. In the meantime, come say hi! Follow us on IG at @ccchangemakers Drop us a line,