Night Terror App

  • Pedro Americo
  • Andrew Viall
Nightmare on demand.

Horror Channel UK is exactly the right place for genuine fans of the spine-chilling and the spooky. When the channel wanted to promote its new blood-curdling program, it faced a massive challenge: How do you create new excitement among horror fans whose life is packed with excitement anyway?

We developed a unique communication channel: the ‘Night Terror’ mobile app that turns your dreams into nightmares.

All you need to do is to choose a story, place the phone next to your pillow and listen to the story as you fall asleep. When the phone detects the REM phase, subtle story-related sound effects play to the subconscious. And the nightmare begins.

More than 40,000 users dared to try the app and shared their experience on the net. At the same time, hundreds of sites around the globe also wrote about the Night Terror app. It provided the Horror Channel with a 700% increase in mentions during the campaign period. And when the Horror Channel created a special “Night Terror” day, it broke the channel rating record with 11.3 points. That was more than double compared to its average rating figure.