Nike Nulla Puo Fermarci (Stop At Nothing)


Italy has a specific and significant problem with the perception of sportswomen. They are rarely seen or celebrated and when they are, they’re stereotyped, sexualised, and valued for their appearance over their capabilities. In Milan, one of Nike’s 12 key global cities, 55% of women between 14 and 24 don’t participate in sport. So our challenge was to get 150,000 Milanese young women moving. Yep, that's all of them.


We want to level the playing field. ‘Nulla Puo Fermaci‘ (Stop At Nothing), is a digital platform for Nike Italy with the long term goal of confronting gender disparity, and inspiring Italian women to get into sport.
The ongoing campaign content leverages popular social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok, the new video-centric social media app that has taken over the Internet surpassing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in monthly installs in the App Store.
Nike is using the video-centric platforms to inspire a new generation of female athlete role models - professional and everyday, alike - to stand up and show off their abilities via a series of TikTok challenge routines, made from authentic sporting moves.


The TikTok challenges centre around four Milanese girls, each TikTok and Instagram phenomenons, and each introduced to a Nike athlete who taught them some moves from their sports. The girls turned those moves into challenge routines, post their challenge to TikTok, and the binge-watching copycat viral app will take it from there.
The first TikTok challenge #basketbeat features 16 year old twin sisters Kessy and Mely,  school girls born and raised in Milan, with an incredible TikTok following of over 4.6m. They met female basketball star Olbis Futo and in their #basketbeat challenge they attempt a complex yet addictive basketball routine.
Further challenges from TikTok stars, or Musers to use their language, include music student Virginia Montemaggi (3.5m followers) tackling a football routine inspired by Juventus player Benedetta Glionna, and 16 year old Martina Picardi (1.7m followers) take on a boxing riff inspired by Federica Monacelli.


100M+ views and 540K+ likes views for the three challenges, with 20M+ #basketbeat views in just 36 hours, and an engagement rate that was double the TikTok benchmark. More than 46k user-generated routines were posted in response.
Our athletes have appeared on the front cover of the most conservative newspaper in Milan, SkyNews and there's been 300+ articles about the campaign, for a readership of 600 million.
150,000 young Milanese women on their way to getting active.


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