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Nômade is a video production firm arisen from the wish of a full-time—but also freelance— filmmaker, to become a formal business owner. The idea came up when she noticed that the freelance work demand was increasing in a quite fast pace and that past clients were recommending her work to other people. When juggling between full-time job and freelancing became hard to handle, Nômade started to gain shape.
By formalising the business, the main goal was be to get more control over her work life and relationship with clients, as well as being free to manage time and find new prospective clients. 
Services Branding and visual identity.
Mission The main challenge was to introduce Nômade as a competitive and reliable service in a already established film market. In order to do so, the client and I designed a initial project composed of three main steps: branding, go-to-market strategy and visual identity. 

01. Branding

Nômade’s initial branding derived mostly from the client’s already practiced professional values:​​​​​​​
• Clear communication is priority
• Transparent and hassle-free service  
Commitment to the client satisfaction​​​​​​​

02. Go-to-market strategy

Word of mouth can prove very effective in promoting new services. In order to gain access to the target film market, the client and I developed some discount strategies to stimulate new leads:
• Referral discount (from previous clients) • Partnership discount (e.g. with ad agencies)    First time service discount​​​​​​​

03. Visual Identity

"Nômade" is the Portuguese word for nomad. The company’s visual identity ties together two ideas revolving around the same theme: movement. The first idea is based on the nomadic lifestyle: a life without permanent residence, where people are constantly moving and exploring new locations. The second one is about​​​​​​​ the very concept of video, which in a simplified way, is image in movement.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Considering this context, a motion blur and a halftone texture are part of the logo's primary version and are intended to represent the motion of a long exposure image, or even the details of a video showcasing many frames in a row.
When it comes to the company's values perspective, the idea of movement translates into the will to always move forward, face new challenges and be innovative.
Futura is Nômade's main typeface, chosen due to its clean, versatile and modern character. In second place comes Courier, a monospaced slab serif typeface that can be used—in moderation—to add contrast and draw attention to a particular information.
Derived from the logo's symbol, a pattern was created as part of the visual identity to reinforce the brand recognition. Serving as an alternative to the logo itself, the pattern can be applied in different products (e.g. stationery items, signage design etc.)
A small icon set was also designed to be used in the website illustrating Nômade’s areas of expertise. From left to right: food, events, beauty and fashion business promotion.
 Art Director | Branding | Graphic Designer
Photography by the amazing unsplash.com team

Please check the entire project here.

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