NPR iTunes Redesign

The low-down: I explored a new design approach to NPR's iTunes homepage and implemented UX upgrades.

One of the first tasks assigned to me at NPR was to give the organization’s iTunes homepage a visual upgrade. The design hadn’t been changed in a few years and featured a small version of the logo against a stark white background. Additionally, the categories of podcasts listed were outdated and didn’t reflect NPR’s current podcast offerings.

I started off by familiarizing myself with the existing NPR design language. The better idea I got of how the company represented itself on digital platforms, the better I could complete the project.

Once I had that foundation, using Sketch, I designed two basic mockups, one light and one dark, both both optimized for desktop, tablet, and phone. To break up the stark white background, I abstracted the logo’s colors into a frosted glass state which blended into a very light grey that makes up most of the page. To give the whole page more weight, I increased the size of the logo.

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