Nutcracker Remix

Featuring Jayne Torvill, James Streeter, Mark Naylor and the Somerset House Ice Rink Crew:

Darcy Dixon, London (figure skater)
Becky Holman, 25, from Hornchurch, Essex (figure skater)
Natasha Honour, 19, from South London (figure skater)
Ellyn Jacobsen, 18, from Essex (figure skater)
Kay Abel Kanyanta, 27, from Southgate (ice hockey skater)
Will Ma, 25, from Edgeware (ice hockey skater)
Lucy Nash, 25, from Tottenham (figure skater)
Evie Perry, from Essex
Josh Phillips, 29, from East London (ice hockey skater)
Hassan Salim, 21, from Plaistow (ice hockey skater)
Romond Smart, 26, from Streatham (figure skater)
Tara Smart, 19, from Streatham (figure skater)

Choreography: Mark Naylor
Music: Matt Quinn