OICHÉ - The Ethereal

  • Diandra Wardhana

The Ethereal is a 360 campaign for Fears’ album, Oiche. With this opportunity, we intend to define and focus on the term of Oiche, pushing it beyond the meaning of night. Our direction aims to express the album’s manifesto of sharing moments of intimacy and experience. This campaign hopes to invite Fears’ listeners on a journey of memories through an ethereal space, which consists of a listening party and keepsakes. One of the focus areas I worked on with the amazing team are the album art, keepsakes and invitation to the listening party. Hope you enjoy The Ethereal. Team Sondos Azzam Mayumi Sakoda Emilie Wall Luna Gooriah Shelley Niu

We wanted to visually embody the idea of capturing moments, experimenting with distorting polaroids and picture to produce ethereal images.