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Onlineum is Online Museum of the world’s art. MUSEUM FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO VISIT! Onlineum is a platform – Museum for live streaming and online showing all worldwide art works of  Visual Arts, Video, Photography, Performing Arts, Dance, Performance Art, Film, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Design, Architecture, Installation, Fashion Show, TV shows, Series … IT’S TIME TO GO ONLINE! Onlineum as unique concept is the First and only Online Art Museum in the world, the biggest world network that presents all art works from all artists all over the world and platform created to stream and show art live online, through live shows and online exhibitions. Onlineum is created as a new contribution to art, time and space, specialized for all arts in the whole world so that all people in the world can see it, watch and visit in any place and time, through website as the address for shows, stream and presentations of everything happening in the online museum, every art project, show, performance, exhibition that is streamed and shown in the museum. Website  as  Onlineum space is the space of Online Museum for art. Its opportunity for all to exhibit, show, stream live…- to online. YOUR ART WORK WITH ONLINEUM IS ONLINE! THE WHOLE WORLD ART CREATIVE SCENE, AT ONE PLACE ONLINE! ONLINEUM is the first and only online art museum of live streaming art and exhibiting art online.
It is meant to be mobile for art works streaming and service that enables its users to post online their art and creative works which they want to publish and show online.

It is a website platform created exclusively for art with an aim to become a leader art network where artist can show to the public their works anywhere in the world, faster and now online, without waiting. It represents a new contribution to art scene, specialized to stream and present all arts, in the whole world in one place, non stop, 24 h. Like that, everyone can visit museum online and share and show art anytime and from anywhere.
Onlineum is available to all people in the same time all over the world exclusively on www.onlineum,com . Everywhere. It is opportunity for the all artists and creativity of all fields (visual art, photography, performances, fashion shows, poetry, music, dance, architecture, sculpture, installations, paintings…) to make a show or exhibition in this space online, to publish, stream and share their works. For art works to be seen anytime anywhere live online 24/7. Free museum of world art scene. For the audience from the whole world to have possibility and opportunity for free to visit online exhibitions and watch live art. New concept. This is a new concept of showing and sharing art on the website as an Online Museum of art.  Onlineum is an online museum for showing art work online non stop free for watching and visiting from the whole world. 6.000 000 000 people can watch live streaming performances, shows, projections or visit exhibitions in the moment of showing it online in the museum! The whole world can visit this museum in the same time. Now everyone can watch performance and live art live either from home, or office, on  computer or mobile phone, or any devices. Concept of ONLINEUM is to share art woks, art life and events, creative work every day, all day long. To show, promote and exhibit art. This is the space where all artists can exhibit and show their works live. It is art event point meeting. All can join. THE WHOLE WORLD ART SCENE, AT ONE PLACE ONLINE LIVE  24H


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