• Mitra ( Dima Dobrovolskis )

You don’t put a 24-feet football goal on the ice during the hockey game unless you’re shooting a TV commercial about how everyone went crazy about football. If I needed to give MVP-award to someone from my film crew for this ad, I would end up with multiple MVPs: 1. Producer 100% MVP – made sure I get everyone I want on a film crew. 2. Scout manager 100% MVP – after gazillion calls organised absolutely fantastic sport hall for us. 3. DOP 100% MVP – I was thinking on set about an angle and he was already delivering it. 4. Art Department 100% MVP – just try yourself to get a 24-feet football on the hockey arena... 5. Agency 100% MVP – they gave me a green pass to everything: location pick, visual aesthetics, music and etc. 6. Client 100% MVP – before the shot I asked them what time they will come to the set and they said: "We won't. We totally trust you. Just sent us some photos from the set". Wow. And of course light crew, my first AD, stylists and everyone else involved in this project. A dream project with a dream team.