Origami Stories

  • Harry Whatrup
Wuthering winds electrocuted the grounds that bared before it. Crinkles upon its scales were aligned so perfectly, that it faded within the frigid rocks blocking the only plausible exit.
Too far gone.
Its torn, crunched up wounds forced the creature to howl in anguish, ripping further into the cuts already open. You could tell through the smudges in its blank eyes, that it was scanning for a safe space to land;
emptiness was its only friend.
As the breeze sliced at its throat, the fragile thing positioned itself for take-off. The surface feeling as thin as paper. The folded webs once glued to its body, stretched and pulled back as the wind smacked into its belly. The beast thrust its weight into the unknown, feeling its rolls of legs sink beneath it. As the creature glided into the air, floating became something of a masterpiece. The higher it went, the closer to the light it became.
It never looked back, only ahead
Slice and dice
souls made of ice
our skin is as delicate as paper.
Wounds and bruises
the blood still oozes
our bodies are as delicate as paper.
Bombs and blows
his eyes start to close
our lives are as delicate as paper.
Dreams and drowning
bullets overpowering
our weapons are everything but paper.
Guilt and PTSD
why do my dreams still haunt me?
my mind is stronger than paper.
Medals and memories
we made people feel free
heroes are more than just a piece of paper.
Broken chains remained
on the wall, while the elephant darted across city
ripples of grey pebbles shimmered
past the side lines, fanning the pedestrians
as they blinked, scanning
for reality
the hooves grazed
and collided with the icy surface,
but even that could not prevent
the runaway rampaging
into the unknown and the
sirens echoing and soaring,
screams blaring and clawing
the ears of the beholder
chaos lived
whist withered away
all runaway saw was the feeling of sadness
and the smell of decay
His life was over,
And all he wanted to do was start
yet something
was pulling
him back
yanking him
back into
Broken chains remained
on the wall.