Oxlade for Nwavemagazine

  • Mariam Sholaja
  • Suleiman Ismaila

shot Oxlade in Lagos, Nigeria for Nwavemagazine @oxladeofficial for @nwavemagazine photo: @m.sholaja styling: @manis1.0 wearing @ateliersam.aila @p_ieces photo assist: @moffs_ I discovered Oxlade’s music in the first lockdown and I’ve been locked in ever since. Experiencing Nigeria once again after so many years and being able to shoot this was very special. If you’ve never heard of him, start with the ‘Oxygene’ ep which is where I started. thanks to the @newwavemagazine team for the feature https://www.newwavemagazine.com/music-editorials-2/oxlade