PAKISTAN | London Design Biennale 2016

  • London Design Biennale -
Pakistan's installation, Daalaan, was a collaboratively designed abstract 'playground' that broke down social barriers and invited interaction between strangers. Taking the simplicities of our childhoods as a reference, the Pakistani team created a playroom 'where imagination has no bounds', to encourage people to meet through play and transported them back to a time when they were unhindered by adult anxieties. They hoped their playful installation - which featured sheesham wood objects, Lattoo Stools (spinning tops), hand-drawn artworks and screen prints made using natural henna dyes -  encouraged people to converse and share ideas with open minds.

  • Administering Body: Coalesce Design Studio
  • Design Team: Salman Jawed, Ali S Hussain, Faiza Adamjee, Hina Fancy, Zaid Hameed, Mustafa Mehdi
  • Curators: Coalesce Design Studio; Salman Jawed
  • Supporting Bodies: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture; Coalesce Design Studio

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