Pandemic Culture Living Report

  • Jemima Cox

Pandemic Culture is an open-access report to help organisations navigate the consumer changes caused by COVID-19. As people’s understanding of this crisis is being redrafted daily, this ‘living report’ is an evolving analysis of the impact on people’s behaviour, tracking the cultural shifts both now and in the long-term. We’re monitoring the situation and will adapt the report with our latest thinking. The report explores how the world is undergoing massive, forced acceleration of change. Amid a deluge of everyday lifestyle disruption, from virtual-first socializing to quarantined consumption, it provides long-term guidance for how to react, think, act and plan for consumer behaviour that will emerge post-crisis.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant global event of the 21st century to date. Canvas8 is activating its vast network of academics, thought leaders, cultural experts, and its deep Library of consumer behaviour to create a ‘living analysis’ of the evolving crisis.

This document provides a measured view on what is actually happening in the present and why, but within a long-term framework that allows us to monitor the outbreak over its life-cycle.

We are advising organisations to demonstrate clear-headed, values-based leadership, not knee-jerk opportunism, and accept that the near-term will present highly ambiguous and unprecedented decisions. Leading through this crisis means acting according to the shared values of the company, its stakeholders, and wider society.

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