Parkinson's UK - Charity Event - Guildford Cathedral Abseil

  • Stacy Blaxall
I was the sole photographer for Parkinson's UK at their Guildford Cathedral Charity Abseil event. I was tasked with capturing the participants of the event from the abseil platform, ensuring the feel of the event came through in the images. This was an important role, as these images were to be used by Parkinson's UK on their social media pages, as well as in any promotion for future events. It was also essential to capture images of everyone who participated in the event, to document their experience for each of them. As well as being conscious and considerate of the nerves that the participants were feeling.
This event was outdoors, and this meant that there were regular changes of light, as well as other weather conditions. It was essential that I was able to quickly change that camera settings as required, to best suit the changing weather and lighting conditions.
Overall I feel that this experience has been invaluable for me. I was able to put the skills I have learnt into practice, in a real life environment. The feedback I have received from Parkinson's UK has been only positive, and the images I supplied them with are now available to view on the Parkinson's UK Flickr page.