Part I - The end of the beginning

This is part one of a ten part blog series that explores what I learned writing my debut novel...if anything.

It took me ten years to write my first book.

Ten years!

It started around the time of the financial crisis and finally ended during a pandemic.

I bought a house, had a son, got engaged and rescued a dog in between.

So I have a full set of excuses.


If I’m being honest and actually added the time spent writing and planning the book into a consecutive period - you know, like an approximate aggregation of how long I worked on it - it would probably amount to three, maybe four years.

Do I regret taking so long?

Not for one second.

Of course I wish I'd put myself in a situation where I could publish and sell my book earlier.

But there's another way of looking at it.

It took me all that time to learn how to become a writer - learn my trade, find my voice and discover MY process for writing.

But more importantly, learn how to take it seriously.

See it not just as a dream, aspiration, or past-time, but as a profession. Something to commit to. Just like any business or job.

And learn how to turn the dial down on the biggest critic of them all - me.

It took me ten years to truly believe what I wanted to do was something that adds value, entertains and gives people, at the very least, a moment of escapism.

Something we all enjoy and need at various moments in our life.

And in my eyes, that makes it one of the most vital fucking professions in the world.

Something worth committing to.

So, to go along with the promotional push for my debut novel, ‘When Bad Men Combine’, I’ve written a 10-part blog series with some tips and words of encouragement that helped me.

I hope it offers something for you.

If not, just buy my book instead…

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