The Challenge:
    Dennis and his team approached Arieum to create a way of making the hospitality industry much more efficient for both Clubs and Attendees.
    What We Did:
    We started by working on research with promoters, club goers and hospitality venues. The  study provided the foundation and strategic direction of the project. It also aided both the marketing and strategy teams.
    We assembled a design and strategy team which was led by Bjion Henry (Google) to create the brand’s new visual identity, which includes logo, typography, brand behaviours, app design and web design.
    Additionally we assembled a marketing and content creation team led by Aaron Vale to create the brand story, event management and merchandising.
    Once we had the correct teams in place we decided to formulate the project by creating a app which would allow for anyone to party like a local.
    The Effects:
    The PartyPal app launched in Miami and garnered 2000 users within 3 days of launching. We secured a total of 15 club partnerships in Miami alone and the app currently holds over 100 hospitality venues.
    The main aim was to allow for users to access hospitality venues with easier access by connecting them directly to a promoter at the venue. By formulating the idea all the way to execution we were able to bring a new way of clubbing to Miami.
    On working with Arieum London, Creative Director, Mohammed Patel said “through rigorous market research we were able to fill a gap in the market in the most efficient way possible but also add the arieum stamp which is to successfully launch companies, I feel we have been able to execute this project and deserved the traction and response it deserves”.


    Working with the branding team we were able to create a range of slogans and branded content for both advertising and marketing to further enhance reach and engagement for the launch of the brand.
    Arieum’s Creative Director, Mohammed said “by creating slogans which created value allowed for a easy transition into the explanation of the application. We wanted the app to speak to the audience it was targeting. The slogans added that value”


    Our development team worked with hospitality venues to create a back end experience which allowed for ease of use and further enhancing the overall user experience of the PartyPal application. Mohammed and Salewa oversaw the launch of the application in Miami. The event hosted 800 Miami revellers and was the official launch of the application.


    The branding and design team sat down with Dennis and his team to create a range of merchandise for the project. This included apparel, advertising panels and backdrops for the launch of PartyPal.
    Advertising materials were used in conjunction with the launch of the PartyPal launch. Aaron Vale was enlisted with the task of manufacturing and production. 

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