The meaning of ‘publishing’ has been changing since; personal computers, printers, and social media had come about. Now, people can instantly publish. Gradually they start spending more of their private time taking pictures and uploading them. These new ways of publishing expand our opportunity to express ourselves to the public, at the same time, obscure the boundary between what is considered private and public. To question people’s perception of what is private and public, I used my own passwords which are considered private information and are hardly ever published. 
Through working on this project, I found interesting how the use of scale is a tone and a volume of voice. In other words, you decide how to deliver your message by choosing a size of letters. From that realisation, I created a series of posters which visually shout out my secret passwords.


Mio Yokota

  • Message
  • Graphic Communication Designer

Project Tags

  • self-publishing
  • book design
  • Experimentation
  • poster
  • privacy
  • Print Making