Peckham Levels

  • Rob Butler
  • Jacob Read
  • Aoife Byrne

Peckham Levels is a new cultural destination for South London. Across seven levels of a former multi-storey car park, it is home to artists and businesses working in design, fashion and music. Using bubbles as a metaphor to capture creative and cultural diversity. To represent the levels of the building we created a typographic system that staggers tiers of interchangeable messaging, which the bubbles then interact with. The campaign ran across East and South London leading up to the launch. We created animated posters which were projected on the side of the building on the launch weekend. Timeout ranked it as the No.1 event in London that weekend. Over 5,000 people came through the doors and the queues went right around the block. The campaign captured the diversity and spirit of Peckham Levels’ mission.