Pedigree Tracks

  • Cyrus Vantoch-Wood
How to give Pedigree relevance above and beyond the meat.
Challenge- In a market in which with very few product differentiators, Pedigree was loosing share to smaller more nimble brands and tough competition, with extremely low margins. In addition, dog owners accross the UK were overfeeding their pets, and generally unaware of the correct health regiment a healthy dog needs to thrive.
Idea - Instead of a campaign, we created a mobile health tracking app for dogs to help tackle a nationwide canine obesity epidemic and change perception of Pedigree’s business into pet health over tinned dog food. The initiative launched on iPhone, Android and Windows platforms and is now an ongoing product for Pedigree, looking to be developed into a GPS collar and beyond.
Results - The app lead to a 7.5% increase in sales and the first growth in their wet food products for more than 5 years and over 1m views of the teaser online. 

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