Penguin Book Cover, Diary of a Young Naturalist

  • Cormac Coyle

This brief was to redesign the book cover of the book, Diary of a Young Naturalist, by Dara McAnulty. As well as this, I also asked to design a microsite about the creation of the book cover. I took a very traditional approach to the creation of the cover and instead stayed away from photoshop and opting to create something in the flesh. For this project, I ended up making a whole collection of pieces which are inspired by the events and themes of the book and the life of Dara McAnulty.

The microsite is about the creation of the book cover and how the art collection was based upon

parts of the book. The microsite is one main webpage to make it easier for users to view each part.

To allow people to learn more about each canvas, users can go through a carousel

and select a canvas they want to view which will lead them to a dedicated webpage.

These webpages will be focussing on each piece of art

individually and what they are about in relation to the book.

Escaping to the Happy Place - Cormac Coyle
Resistance - Cormac Coyle
Fear and Anxiety - Cormac Coyle