Penguin Student Design: Children's Cover Entry 2021 (Shortlisted)

  • Connor Ridley

This design was created as a part of the 2021 Penguin Design Award for the Children’s cover entry. My aim was to sure to analyse the judges likes and passions in design, in order to replicate these techniques in my own work. This mentality appeased to the judges, as my entry was shortlisted for the top three entries. These illustrations, seeming charming and creative, would draw the audience in but, as the reader delves deeper through the book, they discover the meaning behind each artwork, prompting the audience to read more, to understand all the illustrations presented on the book. The final cover was done by producing three separate screen prints, one for each colour of the final cover. This practice ended up creating a final cover which carries texture and more finite details which strengthens the idea of it relating to a child’s bedroom wallpaper.