Perceiving Colour

Perceiving Red is an exhibition piece created to educate people about how the human eye detects and percieves colour.
The installation consists of a a projector angled towards a corner of mirrors balanced to reflect the moving image onto the contrasting walls. Resulting in the original moving image being fragmented. This represents how the human eye uses reflections of light to detect colour.
The moving image was created based on a piece of music named Haven. Piano was chosen as the soul instrument within this music piece. This is because a piano is the only instrument that can play an entire note range of a full orchestra. This full range represents the wave-lengths that humans detect colour through.
This next section is the 'print' visual representation through the medium of music to communicate how the human eye perceives colour.
The human eye perceives colour through the use of three different cones located around the retina. These cones detect three different lengths of light, the longest, red; mid-length, green; and the shortest wave length, blue.
These colours correspond to the colour of the music notes within the graphic score I created for the piano piece used within the installation. I based the work heavily around the original music score which means those with a high level of musical understanding could interpret the score as music notes.
The next section is titled 'The Red of Sound' is the representation of the colour red corresponding to the music of an installation. The shapes are created by the sound waves within the moving image. The green sound wave and the red sound wave movie in opposite directions to create a negative space.
This negative space is then filled with the shade of red that is calculated according to the level of the sound wave created at that moment in time. This shade is then applies to each individual shape recorded every 10 seconds of the moving image.

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Abigail Lucy Stephenson

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Abigail Lucy Stephenson
Art Director