Perception processes inside informational alterity

The work focuses on information flow changes which affect perception processes, at the same time changing information itself.
The subject of the work is represented as a media entity (part of a social net), which during synthesis of perception processes with a help of information flow phenomena and previous experiences forms the 3rd element.
The subject is located in a particular discourse - it could not be identified as an object, or entity. The subject is multiple and fragmented.
Information mediated through subjectivity by the help of senses forms information alterity, therefore this process maintains functionality (has a structure) in the work.
Perception processes are formed as an intersection of functional structural elements.
The main graphical structure provides functional processes of perception (formation of knowledge) in a closed structure, although ‘closure’ is perceived more as a reference interacting with other types of processes of human being, both theoretical and scientific.
The work does not form strict thematic line - everything remains between subject/subject; subject/object; object/subject interrelations and informational alterity.
The purpose of the work, is to suggest a viewer a method, how not to isolate from information flow critically acknowledging it.
The work contains a simplification method used to form graphical structures.


Zydrunas Cesnauskis

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