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Personalized music players designed with an artistic perception & experimental music

Avant Garde film footage showcasing the human emotions

Art is subjective therefor the barriers between what is perceived as acceptable or unacceptable must be considered as subjective. As a graphic artist i crave new and exciting projects to construct or deconstruct dependent upon the brief. This project showcases the human perception of genitalia. What limits are acceptable subjective to the individual depictions of forced social brainwashing . I crave subjective verbal intercourse so would appreciate feedback. If you, the audience find these images to be considered as filth then leave this page now. No apology is given and no constraints are applied.

To place the vagina within a setting that frames or highlights the viewpoint of the viewer is to isolate the vagina from the rest of the body therefor forcing the viewer to consider the image under a new perceptive. The different styles and shapes of vagina that are apparent as shown here depict the diversity of the human D.N.A. The variation is never ending and this is shown here. I do not consider this art work as porn, but a diverse look at mother nature.

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  • Music
  • design
  • Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Soundscapes
  • 3D Design
  • Fine Art
  • Computer generated designs
  • Product design software
  • Software development

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