Phoebe Lovatt

The inspiring and intimidating Phoebe Lovatt, a self-made business/journalism genius, has recently shot into the public eye following the publication of her book The Working Woman’s Handbook. She is a journalist, editor, moderator, curator and so much more.
Lovatt was born in London but moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and began her new life as a freelance creative. Her courageous move across the Atlantic, coupled with the nature of her freelance job meant she found herself missing her supportive group of female friends she had to leave behind. Her attitude of "if I don't like something, change it," was the inspiration for the format of The Working Women’s Club. 
The WW Club connects creative women with other creative women, in what can otherwise be a lonely industry. Membership is less than £50 and it provides an incredible network of like-minded women to connect with. There are other perks such as cultural calendars, relevant job listings and access to events. It is this club which led to her book. 
Lovatt’s backstory is just as impressive as what she has created, she secured an internship with Elle Girl at the ridiculously young age of 13. She then spent every school holiday interning at different magazines and spent her gap year travelling across New York and Miami, still interning. Her experience and determination at such a young age are what has led her to be so successful and insightful. Her book is a beacon of hope for every young creative who is struggling with their career path.


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