Photography for Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery

  • Jayne Lloyd

CAA have a long and rich history, having been established as a membership organisation for craftspeople to advocate for good design in Britain after the Second World War. They have continued to promote the study, appreciation and understanding of the fine crafts in Britain ever since and represent many of the most talented applied artists living and working in the UK today in the disciplines of ceramics, furniture, glass, jewellery, metal, paper, textiles and wood, selected by a panel of their peers. I worked with CAA to create images for their website and promotional materials. Their new website was designed not only to promote their values but also to include an online shop so people across the world could experience CAA and purchase pieces by their makers to have in their own home. As it turned out this new feature would become even more vital as the UK went into lockdown not long after the facility was launched. The expert knowledge that the highly specialised CAA team have helps ensure this mission is put into action, and means that if you're looking to make a purchase they can tell you all about the work, the maker's techniques, advise what might work well in your home and how to put pieces together. All the displays in the CAA gallery are carefully curated to show work that compliments each other, reflects a particular theme or mood, and just always look fantastic and unique! This was something we were keen to replicate in the images on the website, too, to allow people to have an experience as close as possible to that of visiting the gallery itself, even when they physically couldn't do so. One of the ways we did this was through a series of Curated Displays, styled by the gallery team. Shown here are some of my favourite images that we created - Curated Displays, more general images of the gallery and a few objects, all of which help communicate what's special about Contemporary Applied Arts and the maker members that form it, but I encourage you to explore the CAA website further to see the truly unique pieces they have.