A 3 hour brief completed at Google Creative Labs. In our teams we had to use Google technology to help a sector of society. We chose to help elderly people get online to combat loneliness in old age.
Pickle is a hypothetical Google Chrome Extension that an elderly person could press when they are confused online. This would send a notification to a family member's phone, who could then easily assist via text message or video chat.
Pickle makes asking for help easier, makes getting online more accessible for elderly people, and connects family and friends separated by long distances through the process of helping someone to use their computer.
We had three hours to research, generate ideas and produce our final content before presenting it in front of some of the Google Creative Labs team.

Team Credits

Claire Langer

  • Message
  • Design Intern

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  • Service Design
  • Google Creative Lab
  • graphic design
  • social causes
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  • interaction design
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