PLATFORM NTSU Official Magazine
The website of Platform magazine (the design was made by a previous member of the society but some of my work is published there, such as: the new logo, some illustrations and the cover art).
In the Summer of 2017 I've been contacted by a member of the Platform Magazine Society of Nottingham Trent University.
They requested my abilities in graphic design for the rebranding of the NTU Students' Union Official Magazine.
Accepting the opportunity to volunteer for this project I first had to make the cover art of the magazine and the illustrations for the articles. Afterwards, I brought forward the initiative of the new logo design.
Following you can see the chromatic options for the logo (each printed edition will have another colour), the cover art, the stickers and a part of the illustrations.
Please read the meaning of the logo below.
Designing the logo I kept in mind a fresh and modern look with bright colours, eye catching for the young audience, the students.
My intention was to make the 'T' and the 'M' from the Platform logo typeface as a student reading a magazine. In the optical illusion the 'T' forms the eyes and the nose, with a simple dot as the mouth. In the 'M' it can be seen as the body of the student or two arms holding a magazine.
Designing new font, with a paper cut effect and a subtle texture, I wanted to give the audience hope for the new start of the magazine, to make it completely different form the previous editions (the magazine had a one year break in 2016-2017 and now it's back).
The illustrations are made in watercolours, thin liner (0.5, 1 and 3)
I chose to work in a 'doodle' style for this printed issue of 2017 freshers edition.
I wanted to let them plain sketches without digitally interventions, with a sticker outlook. Nevertheless, I am intending to work more digitally for my future work for Platform, improving my skills at Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
I've applied to be the Head of Design for the magazine. My role will consist in designing the website from now on, the printed editions and anything else related to the creative direction.


Maria E. G. Pais

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