Playground for Perspectives

  • Amelia Molly Mae Potter (The Lost Artist©2017)

Recently in my spare time I begun to develop experimental illustrations where I could play about and practise perspectives a lot more. So I have been documenting interesting ways to capture my reflections in my day to day life, to create these super fun colourful illustrations. With my next comic in development I am trying to really explore my various styles to see what I think will be best suited for the comic intensions. As the comic will be such a big story and series I want to make sure I am completely happy with the style in which I set the comics illustration to be in.

I am HER : Hackney Central performance at Paper Dress vintage by Vëora.

Recently I had the opportunity to design a poster for Swedish musician Vëora for there first performance alongside Black Lily and Georgie @ the Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney Central. As well as designing the events poster Vëora had also asked about presenting some artwork around the event. I took this opportunity to explore and really develop some explosive warped perspetive characters.

'I am HER' is Female led Collective paving the way for underrepresentation of women in electronic & pop music/ music production. More information can be found here:

Here are the results :

Early development stages:
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