Polestar Electric Car

  • Richard Cannon

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, a new venture in collaboration with Volvo producing a high end electric car.

I was asked to go to Sweden for British Airways inflight magazine, Business Life, to photograph the German designer Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar a new venture in collaboration with Volvo producing a high end electric car.
On arrival the journalist and I were directed to a large space where the prototype was waiting for us, along with Thomas and various PR and staff.
I started to set up my bowens lights (only 2 lights due to flight restrictions) and camera whilst the interview was taking place and started to think of the best way to shoot Thomas with the car. As always I am looking to create something that moves away from the norm of man standing by car and still giving the magazine options.
During my thought process I got chatting to their media contact and he spoke about the direction the campaign was taking to launch the car to the press. He spoke of the way they are trying to do things differently from other car campaigns and that was a feature of Polestar.
Then the idea came to me that maybe we could get him to lay side by side of the car to create a different look to a normal business shoot. And with the line of doing something different I manage to convince Thomas to lay down. (not an easy thing to achieve with business men) Its always easier if you have a good reason.
We had about 15 minutes and I managed to get some safer shots too in different orientations and left for my flight contented that I achieve a stand out shot.


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