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Polyspolia - comissioned by London based product designer Will Yates-Johnson - is a proposal for a new manufacturing model in which an object can be endlessly broken up and remade. This project questions society's constant desire for newness based on the dream of infinite resources. Polyspolia offers a new form of consumption and a new kind of relationship to material resources.

When products reach the end of their useful or favourable lives they are disposed of, never to be seen again by their owner. What if, instead of relegation to an opaque system of destruction and recycling, the material resources within an object could be broken apart and reformed, and the traces of this transformation made visible? These traces, not a superficial effect but integral to the material, exchange the bland surfaces of newness for a complex conglomerate which reveals the legacy of the previous manifestations.


Polyspolia comes from the Greek 'poly' ('many', as in polymer) and the Latin 'spolia' ('spoils', the ancient custom of reusing earlier building material to create new monuments).

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