This collection explores the themes of protection and defence. The colour palette is inspired by the polar bear and its habitat. Both face devastation due to the ever-rising effects of climate change. Imagine a world devastated by climate change. We as humans needing to protect and defend ourselves in this new world, against the elements and most importantly ourselves… Enter PRAESIDIUM.

This image was a small scale photoshoot that was set up using some intial samples that I created. This image served as the overall inspiration for my project. The lens at the front of the image caught the light and introduced the colour pink. It was here in which I decided to keep this colour as part of the main colour palette.
The above pieces explore the use of merino wool pockets that have been stuffed using synthetic stuffing. I have then utilised reclaimed strapping to fashion this sample into a wearable piece.
A mixture of merino wool, elastic and fishing line were used in order to create this sleeve sample. I have utilised cable ties as a means of embellishment.
Using a hoooking up technique in conjunction with merino wool stripes this sample was a turning point for technical elements added to my collection.
This oversized sample relys on a series of seperate straps that allow for the wearer to re attatch this sample in many different guises over the body. This sample allows the viewer to re imagine their own ideas of protection and defence.
The various iterations of "the big white ". This sample is the centre piece for my entire collection.
A series of three samples that explored the use of machine knitted cord that explored the ideas of attatchment.
PRAESIDIUM - explored on the form.

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