Prescription Art

  • Alexis Nelson

What if your next prescription for tackling burn out is art. When I started hosting group art sessions I thought I would just be hosting an event to solely provide entertainment. In my last session, I had the pleasure of guiding a young lady through the first drawingshe made in 7 years. She found that taking the secured time and space to draw at my session, she found joy in being a creator. By the end of the session she believed she was an artist. This is just one of the stories I had from my art sessions. As a doctor and as an artist, I'm always looking for ways to find unconventional ways to relax and take ownership of the mind. When I suffered burnout, art helped me find clarity and purpose. It helped me draw back to the present and I think that it's something that if widely accepted, could bring healing to so many waiting on long lists to access mental health care. So these are just some images from all of my sessions up to date. Hope you enjoy them.