Pride & Temperance, King Kong 2018. Daphne Selfe & Jan De Villeneuve.

  • Benjamin Hampson

Temperance and Pride 2032 The light could not penetrate the darkness. The evil was palpable. The resistance was fighting for emancipation. Resistance which grew from the shrapnel expunged by the megalomaniacs causing the world to implode. The virus that killed the host. Almost. 2052 The river flowed sluggishly through the smog hazed concrete tenements, ravished by the silent malignancy of the old world order. The malicious dominators, whose spiteful vindictiveness chivied society towards the war. The war changed it all. Twisting and writhing we all metamorphose, but the men became beasts, as the radiation clenched its jaws and spun the chopping wheel. Only pictures of these animals give tongue to the feelings they evoke. Equally beautiful as they are devious and aggressive. From the ashes are born phoenixes. These graceful, elegant matriarchs can control these beasts now. They resolutely watch. The world is learning. A new order has established itself. Bursting with bold, striking, enigmatic pride. It is the sun that shines like the spokes of a wheel, caressing the menacing mist and tempering it.