Print Edition - About 30,000 Years

  • Isabella Rose Nelson
  • Consuelo Zaccaron
  • Simon Bray

Giclée print on high-quality archival fine art paper, 310gsm.

The original work photographed in this limited edition print series, is made of materials gathered together from a house and its surrounding landscape, a wetland in south-east england.

The work reflects upon the evolutionary significance of abstract thinking and the hidden industrial systems in modern society. Collected items from contrasting cultural traditions, including old clothing, gathered willow, and abandoned building boards, are bound together with resin in a mandala-like design revealing a new mysterious ceremonial object.

Carefully arranged willow floats on a dark oil like pool, bright clouds illuminate the natural orange tones and forms of a symbolic wooden offering. The collision between known and unknown, synthetic and natural, abstract and materialistic, was used to comment on the inevitable end of the petrochemical era as well as a celebration of the abstract.

Photography by Simon Bray
Design by Consuelo Zaccaron
Art by Isabella Rose Nelson