Problem Solving

The client's objective for the imagery of this campaign was to show the product with a rainbow spectrum to reference the existing key visual. The pictures were needed for a Facebook campaign but there wasn't much budget left for it, so the brief included a requirement to be very cost efficient.
The obvious solution for the rainbow was to use a prism. Unfortunately no one in the agency had one, the brief came in on a Friday and the shoot was to be on Monday. Amazon had none that could be delivered in time and apparently prisms aren't very popular in Hamburg's toy or optical shops either. Hunting one down all over the city simply wasn't within budget. However, I remembered a thing I used to love to do as a kid. Throwing rainbows on the wall with CDs! Surely this could work just as well? 
This is what the setting for the pictures above ended up being:
Setting up and producing took less than 2h. There was not too much post production necessary, saving even more time. And I simply love the quality of the results, considering it was one of the shortest and easiest shoots I ever did.

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Julia Sabrowsky

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