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ITR8 is an agency for digital product development based in Berlin. Funded as a startup in the end of 2015, they offer support on resource shortages and innovation projects.


At the start of the project, an appropriate medium to present ITR8’s profile and portfolio was missing, thus lacking an essential mean to acquire new assignments.


For a successful completion of the project, ITR8 should be able to present their services, portfolio, team and job offerings in a sympathetic and professional manner. In the end, their expertise should be shown in a convincing way, so that the client should decide to get in contact with the agency.
My roles within the process were to conduct research about the needs and pains of potential clients, create a usable interaction and appealing visual appearance. Finally the design and content was iterated based upon feedback from user testings.

Frame Conditions

Being a very young startup at this moment, resources were limited, so a solution should be developed as quickly and as money-saving as possible. The earlier the product would be launched, the earlier it could be used for acquisition and learnings the acceptance by the clients could be assessed.


As product strategy I chose a one-page site as distributor to outsourced detail information in Social Media. To reduce the amount of design and development work, the one-pager linked to portfolio projects placed on Slideshare, team member profiles on LinkedIn and Xing and job offers on Facebook. Following this approach, not only one page had to be designed, tested and implemented, but interesting information was easier to be shared in social networks.
All the designs have been done by a mobile first approach, as I have made good experiences before with starting on the device with the most limitations. From this, it is quite easy to scale up and enhance or adapt the design according to the larger viewports.
Going through the design process, I followed the steps of paper prototyping, digital prototyping and native prototyping as proposed by Google for Entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, prototyping, designs have been validated by testing with users and iterated upon their feedback.
The first paper prototypes have been made only for use case on smartphones to minimize efforts in the beginning and determine a broad direction where to take the design. These sketches have then been tested with office colleagues.
After having received feedback on first ideas, designs and content could quickly be iterated by developing a fully responsive low fidelity prototype with the online tool UXpin. Testing for usability and content have been done with six business partners and potential clients that gave representative insights.
Preceding the prototype testings, every test person was interviewed about gains, pains and jobs-to-be-done they have during the design and development of their products. These questions were mainly posed to see how external professionals might be of help and to sharpen the business model of ITR8.
During the last iteration, all learnings drawn from the testings and interviews made it possible to improve structure and content of the one-pager site. Although the final steps included the creation of a high fidelity MVP, the visual design itself was done with HTML and CSS, skipping design tools. This technique made it possible to develop the visual design and the final product at the same time, instead of creating the design in a design tool and rebuilding it in separate code again.


The end product, a fully responsive one-pager site, offers support on resource shortages and innovation projects to potential clients that may contact ITR8 by mail or phone. Explaining the startups’ services, portfolio, team and job offerings, it serves as a distributor to more detailed information placed in different social media platforms.
Due to customer feedback, it was possible to adapt the content to specific needs of clients searching for support on startup projects.

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Oliver Jahn

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Oliver Jahn
Freelance Senior Product Designer