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An exploration of technology’s impact on human behaviour and health through sleep.

In recent years, the link between the brain and sleep has become increasingly evident. Researchers have coined the “glymphatic system” as the brain’s garbage disposal, removing all the toxins that have built up throughout the day. When sleep is deprived or even disturbed, the glymphatic system does not have time to perform its function and toxins build up which could lead to neurodegenerative diseases.
With these health implications realised, the rise of technology and ease of travel across different time zones, what does this mean for our body’s natural rhythms as well as our longer term health?
In this project, I have created a system of products that encourage mindful breathing rituals based on pranayama technique that I hope will become a viable alternative to staring at our phones and laptops before going to sleep. These objects are designed to be functional as they are sculptural, encouraging you to wind down through simple and short sensory experiences that fit into our night time routine through scent and light.
These objects are also able to technologically track our sleeping patterns and adapt the environment in the room around us to suit our unconscious needs, lowering the radiator temperature, changing the light levels as well as emitting specific scents that promote mindfulness and optimise our sleep.


Lena Saleh

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