Progress: A rug tufted textile piece

This hand-tufted rug is the biggest work I have made to date. I made it to exhibit in a group exhibition hosted by Bleur called [Insert Feeling Here]. I chose the feeling of the quarter-life crisis to explore, and made two pieces of embroidery as well as this rug! It's the biggest work I've made to date at 2m x 1.2m in size. It’s called Progress and depicts the journey of your career. A lot of what I researched into for this topic is that many young people put pressure on themselves to be at a certain point in life, based on where they think they should be. But this career ladder we use for comparison is out of date and irrelevant to our individual journies - because as we know, everyone's journey is different! The circles on the rug represent different moments in our careers. The bigger and brighter the coloured circle, the better the moment you’re in. As someone new to the design world, I might be much closer to the right-hand side of the rug, with my career highs being exciting, but not my end goal in terms of achievement and ambition. I’ll have moments where things seem to be moving in the right direction, towards the pink and yellow colours - getting commissions and public praise - and moments where I’ll be surrounded by black and dark blue - no work for a while and losing followers on social media for example. The aim for the rug is to demonstrate that career highs and lows happen at any stage in your career, but that this doesn’t mean that you’re failing by any means. We’re all moving towards pink and yellow career highs at our own paces, but the end is in sight!

Head to my profile to see more from the Quarter-Life Crisis project / exhibition. I created this hanging rug, two small embroidery pieces, and some digital typographic illustrations. I had a lot of fun working on a large scale piece like this rug - learning how to machine tuft by watching YouTube videos and a lot of trial and error - but I am over the moon with the final results.

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