Prophecy (poem)

  • Leanne Spencer

and a how-to gif...and a bag of resources This is a poem I wrote earlier on in the year, before deciding to quit smoking marijuana for the sake of my sustained mental health. I've posted a short article on why, if you too are under the spell of the devil's lettuce, you should quit. You can find it on our wattpad page ( complete with hilarious, Cracked style illustrational gifs. Anyway, I thought I'd illustrate the poem with some graphics made over at LSpencerINC and post a how-to gif here. I know there are a lot of kids at home still, bored to tears. Self Taught 182 wishes to offer the resources and guidance to teach yourself any number of skills, using that magical thing called the internet and a little bit of grit. The illustration was hand-drawn, scanned into the computer and vectorised using #AdobeIllustrator. The rest of the process took place on #Photoshop.

Link - Self Taught 182 wattpad article on why smoking is bad and you are not
freeware photoshop-like software if (and most likely because) you're broke;

1. PhotoWorks – Only for Windows
2. Gimp – Works with macOS 10.9 Mavericks or later, Linux & Windows
3. Paint.NET – Only for Windows
4. Pixlr x – Web-version available
5. Krita – Works with Apple. Linux & Windows
6. Sumopaint – Works with Applex, Linux & Windows
7. Seashore – Works with Apple
8. Photo Pos Pro
9. Photopea


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