Purpose-driven design: how user experience help domestic abuse during lockdown

  • Chao Ling Chyou

With the project settled down as the topic with the data for change during the lockdown in London, I had chosen the topic on how to tackle with domestic abuse issue during the lockdown. Course: BA User experience design Year 2 Project unit: Interactive data studio Skills: Graphic design/ User experience design/Data visualisation

How purpose design driven to help the people who struggled experiencing domestic abuse?

1. Settle down the purpose

Settling down the purpose as helping those people who had experienced domestic abuse, aged between 16–60, mostly are adults and some of are teenagers.

2. Create Campaign details

Period: Normal + Lockdown Scenarios: London Tube/Bus(Transportation)+ Newspaper(Dispatching along with tube station and bus stop)+Supermarket(buying food more frequently during lockdown )+ Clinic especially Boots or other pharmacy(if people who had any chronic disease or prescription if necessary)+ Post office(daily administration and trade delivery)

3. Solutions I design

  1. Design a poster with Hotline topic(copywriter) showcased in the public space I had mentioned in the previous paragraph
  2. Create a brochure dispatching with newspaper
  3. Build up the web design(audiences who prefer addressing issue privately during lockdown or normal time) (Unfinished*)

4. Contents with Design

  • What is the domestic abuse → user can recognise the behaviours on whether it is domestic abuse, case study based on Refuge(NGO who mainly deal with domestic abuse in the UK)
  • Situation before lockdown → user/audiences have basic fundamentals on the issue
  • How it worsen during lockdown → user have basic fundamentals on the issue
  • Victim Story → “you are not the only one” and how they escape their abuser
  • Hotline number → user can quickly get help

5. How to implement

Based on those contents, arranging those contents through different platforms, such as brochure, poster and website design.
Design idea originated from the floor plan that interior designer had created each details before designing the client’s dream home, same as the concept with all the domestic abuse occurred in each space at home.