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Pyrocystis Lunula

"tropical algae cultivated in an extratropical environment"

found in the tropical seas south of the equator, lunula is one of several strains of bioluminescent algae.

described as lunula due to its crescent shaped cell structure, the algae shines blue when under going pressure changes.

in the seas, this spectacular effect is rarely captured on film due to the low intensity of the glow and inevitable light pollution.

because this was a phenomenon never experienced outside of the tropic seas, it became important for me to showcase the spectacle of the algae to my friends and audience

however, the algae's scale was it's limit. i wanted to harness this essence of tropicallity and present it utopically.

it was my aim to record this tropical effect in an urban and sterile environment, and in doing so, witness the algae in a new light: as a specific organism, not a piece of the tropical world.
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