Quarantine Essentials by Aleksandar Pasaric

  • Aleksandar Pasaric

“Quarantine Essentials” is a satirical series of photographs taken during the lockdown period that was a result of the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The images were captured from the photographer’s self-isolation location - his apartment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The goal of the series is to capture different people’s outlooks of self-isolation, and what they deemed to be essential in their “new reality”. Additionally, the goal is to inspire others to use this time to focus on creativity and self-development. “Quarantine Essentials” was created with no budget, using basic everyday items commonly found around the home. Incidentally, these are items that people panic bought as the pandemic spread, creating shortages in supplies globally. Each photograph is inspired by historical and well known art pieces and monuments, representing a comical aspect of quarantine & self-isolation, from panic buying of toilet paper and keeping fit & personal grooming. - #stayhome #staysafe